Porta Skins

Dim: A subdued, low-key skin designed to give maximum attention to the images.
Framed: Similar to Dim but boasting a coloured title and framed images.
Grey: Not liking any extremes? Use this skin.
Latte: Despite the name, Latte is a skin for all the coffee lovers.
Bright: An inverted version of Dim for those who find black a little too-heavy-metal for their taste.
Plain: A skin for the (probably very few) die-hard HTML version 1.0 fans out there.

How can I add my own skin?

  1. Edit the file album\ext\appearance.css to your taste.

  2. Copy it to the folder templates\js1\ext\ located in the Porta installation directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\Porta\templates\js1\ext\.

  3. Rename it to appearance_<skin name>.css, e.g. appearance_myskin.css

If you want to propose it as a built-in skin, please mail it to Porta mail address.

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