Porta History

v1.04 - Feb 2009

  • fixed simpleviewer display issue in firefox 3.0.6
  • hidden expert-users-only autoviewer output now conforms to version 1.4
    (use 'autoviewer' as footer text and copy the autoviewer.swf file to the album root folder)
  • simplified chinese language added by Wilson Han
  • upgraded nsis to v2.44

v1.02 - Nov 2008

  • Thai language added by Kiattiyos Thongson

v1.00 - Oct 2008

  • updated simpleviewer to version 1.9
  • display issues with firefox 3 and google chrome resovled
  • preview images in the album editor are now much larger (should fit into 1024x768)
  • settings-lost-when-having-special-characters-in-the-input-directory-problem solved
  • problems with #-signs and other special characters in album filenames solved
  • iframe problems with html albums only showing the main images fixed
  • thumbnails will now follow the main images again in html albums
  • the can-not-replace-captions-with-empty-captions-issue fixed
  • larger stage padding for simpleviewer albums is now allowed
  • improved rendering of html albums in internet explorer 7
  • problem with very deep directory structures solved
  • added support for multi-line iptc keywords
  • fav-icon broken in iframe html fixed
  • Slovenian language added by Matjaž Milharèiè
  • Esperanto language added by Robert Stalzer
  • Farsi language added by Mohammad Ali Babaee
  • Bulgarian language added by Galin Atanasov
  • Latvian language added by Sicc
  • Korean language added by Hanjo Kim
  • Malay language added by Nik Isrozaidi
  • Catalan language added by Oriol Molinos
  • upgraded nsis to v2.21
  • xp manifest added

v0.99 - Sep 2006

  • stretching problems for auto-rotated images fixed
  • simpleviewer footers can now contain more text
  • correctly escaped html in simpleviewer albums
  • introduction text will now hold the entire text of alice's adventures in wonderland
  • scroll bars correctly shown in the lightbox view (if needed)
  • large images will now show correctly in the 'show all' mode
  • Croatian language added by David Kurti
  • Romanian language added by Alex Itcus
  • Greek language added by Nicki Panou

v0.98 - Aug 2006

  • updated simpleviewer to v1.8 (fixes the ie 'active content update' and the flash 9 issues)
  • the html presentation layer has been rewritten to validated xhtml
  • non-square bounds on main images, e.g. for wide screen displays
  • crop/fit option for simpleviewer thumbnails
  • improved image caching during album regeneration
  • less constrained image size selection
  • utf-8 is now used exclusively (less problems for non-English regions)
  • locale-aware character conversions (less problems for non-English regions)
  • Lithuanian language added by Vytautas Zinkevicius
  • hourglass added during lengthy operations in the watermark dialog
  • macintosh-based iptc text is now supported
  • better handling of corrupted jpeg files
  • fixed a rare problem with the watermark font directory
  • fixed problem with thumbnail caching in simpleviewer albums
  • removed memory leaks in the exif extraction code
  • hidden expert-users-only support of philips tv slideshows (use 'philipsxml' as footer)
  • hidden expert-users-only support of autoviewer albums
    (use 'autoviewer' as footer and copy the autoviewer file, viewer.swf, to the album root folder)
  • input images will now be raw-copied if they match the medium image size

v0.96 - Jan 2006

  • much faster updating of albums (when album images and their ordering are preserved)
  • minor gui adjustments (# images -> album editor, info -> progress bar)
  • fixed minor problem with simpleviewer albums embedded in framesets
  • Traditional Chinese language added by Vincent Wuen
  • link to the introduction text added to simpleviewer albums

v0.94 - Dec 2005

  • fixes a fatal rendering problem occuring when viewing simpleviewer-based albums in the three-day old Firefox 1.5 browser (remember to regenerate your simpleviewer albums)

v0.92 - Dec 2005

  • images can now be manipulated using pop-up menus in the album editor
  • added two new watermark alignment options: top center, bottom center
  • fixed the disappearing-simpleviewer-album-link-when-the-footer-is-empty-bug
  • fixed the html-in-simpleviewer-major-captions-is-not-working-bug
  • various gui adjustments to the album editor + the main and caption extraction dialog
  • watermarks are now also added to large images
  • the readme is revised and extended slightly
  • upgraded nsis to v2.11

v0.90 - Nov 2005

  • finally got around to add drag and drop reordering of images in the album editor
  • added an option for reverting the image order in the album editor
  • original image filenames can now be used for the album files (alt. to sequential numbers)
  • excluded images that were previously included will no longer remain in the album directory
  • watermark text is now added as jpeg comments in the album images
  • albums placed in the root folder of a cd or usb stick will now start automatically (autorun.inf)
  • porta icon added to the album directory (favicon)

v0.88 - Nov 2005

  • better simpleviewer integration: introduction and large images are now supported
  • Turkish language added by Mehmet Arun and Deniz Taylan

v0.86 - Nov 2005

  • fixed a limitation in the jhead code thanks to an example image from Quinten Vanderpoorten
  • simpleviewer output now supports the stage padding option (space around the main image)
  • simpleviewer footer has be changed to include the album link as well
  • Czech language added and Slovak language updated by Rado Gadoczi

v0.84 - Oct 2005

  • fixed a bug in the iptc reader thanks to an example image from Eric Cheng
  • slightly more accurate help text in the introduction editor

v0.82 - Oct 2005

  • much improved font rendering in watermarks (replaced freetype with freetype2)
  • a fairly subtle drop shadow has been added to the watermarks to improve readability
  • fixed bug causing minor captions to be overwritten in some cases when editing albums
  • fixed bug causing the alt-tag of the main image to remain fixed to the first image
  • Hebrew language added by Moshe Alima

v0.80 - Oct 2005

  • watermarks can now be rendered into the main images (showing e.g. iptc author/copyright)
  • much more flexible exif extraction interface
  • two typos corrected in the German html translation by Herbert Leitgen
  • minor changes of html generation and html templates
  • fixed tiff-preview issue in the album editor
  • the readme is slightly updated

v0.78 - Oct 2005

  • much more flexible iptc information extraction interface
  • fixed fatal error when reading iptc headers with bogus information
  • right-click context menu text changed to "Make/Edit Porta Album"
  • slightly better keyboard short-cuts

v0.76 - Oct 2005

  • adjusted compression and sharpening -> smaller albums with higher image quality
  • improved simpleviewer integration significantly and added several new options
  • simpleviewer html is now close to xhtml compliant (should we loose the embed tag?)
  • to avoid scaling artifacts, simpleviewer albums how have a fixed height and width
  • fixed a bug disallowing html in major captions for simpleviewer albums
  • fixed cropping issues for simpleviewer thumbnails
  • added the option of having captions just being consecutive numbers
  • typo corrected by François Bertaiola in the French html translation
  • new German html translation provided by Kenneth Weidlich
  • changed credit phrase

v0.74 - Sep 2005

  • hip flash album support added thanks to Felix Turner and his SimpleViewer
  • extraction of iptc captions is now supported
  • keyboard shortcuts added to the album editor
  • more flexible caption extraction

v0.72 - Sep 2005

  • fixed missing cr/lf in the introduction text when editing/updating albums
  • fixed disappearing album link when editing/updating albums

v0.70 - Sep 2005

  • the much-requested edit feature is now available for albums generated by v0.70 or newer
  • fixed problem pertaining to selection of the correct default browser
  • fixed problems showing the help file for firefox users
  • upgraded expat to v1.95.8
  • new skin added: framed

v0.68 - Aug 2005

  • albums can now be generated simply by right-clicking folders
  • Estonian language added by Hasso Mehide
  • safari problems fixed thanks to Eric Zimmerman
  • default link text + url added (see the help file)
  • minor interface changes
  • upgraded nsis to v2.08

v0.66 - Jun 2005

  • images can now be excluded using the album editor
  • added automated album generation via scripting (see the help file)

v0.64 - Mar 2005

  • Japanese language added by Adrian Ivana (requires Japanese language pack in win xp)

v0.62 - Mar 2005

  • Portuguese language added by João Pinheiro

v0.60 - Mar 2005

  • Slovak language added by Rado Gadoczi

v0.58 - Feb 2005

  • jhead is now used exclusively for exif handling (fixes a rare exif extraction problem)
  • home-made css skins copied to templates\js1\ext are now recognised

v0.56 - Jan 2005

  • hidden files are now ignored altogether
  • improved error handling of scrambled jpeg files significantly
  • added error handling of images being deleted during the execution of Porta
  • fixed minor bug in the boundary handling during scaling
  • added owner window pointer to the directory browse dialog

v0.54 - Jan 2005

  • fixed an annoying bug causing v0.52 to run on Intel Pentium IV only :-(

v0.52 - Jan 2005

  • finally got around to add some thread-magic to the caption editor
    (this means that pratically *all* waiting time is gone)
  • the output directory can now be changed
    (albums can thus be built from read-only sources)

v0.50 - Jan 2005

  • vastly faster thumbnail generation in the caption editor (up to 15 times faster)
  • tab order and colour change in the caption editor
  • new skin added (grey)
  • minor css changes (title font size adjusted etc.)
  • fixed target bug for the links 'Show album' and 'Lightbox'
  • added a tiny plug for Porta in the default footer
    (this is easily removed, also permanently, see the help text)

v0.48 - Dec 2004

  • Hungarian language added by Emil Zimmermann
  • minor changes to the exif formatting

v0.46 - Dec 2004

  • tiff image support thanks to the libtiff project (1/8/16 bit)
  • improved image quality in the caption editor
  • fixed layout bug in the about box
  • the appearance of web pages and local pages (readme & skins) is now 'dimmed grey'

v0.44 - Dec 2004

  • auto-rotation of images according to the exif orientation (can be disabled under Options)
  • double-click the main image in the caption editor to open it with the default windows viewer
  • double-click the destination path to open the source directory
  • added focal length to the exif information shown for each image

v0.42 - Nov 2004

  • Polish language added by Maciej Tomczak

v0.40 - Nov 2004

  • all pages are now placed in the internet zone in Internet Explorer
    (this disables the annoying security warning under xp service pack 2)
  • added the possibility of a user-specified link in the thumbnail section
  • the 'album view' link is now also shown when displaying
    an image selected from the lightbox view
  • percentage done is now shown in the main window title)
  • fixed a bug in the Gaussian filter
  • fixed single-image album bug
  • fixed image-reduction bug when large images are disabled
  • the installer is now a bit more slim

v0.36 - Aug 2004

  • first public release to appear on tucows

Snappy Album v0.02 (Porta's working title) - Mar 2004

  • the very first gui mock-up using the porta engine


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